Cornish coast casualty of conflict

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By our roving Reporter Hippydylan


In an escalation of hostilities, a large section of Cornish coastline recently disappeared into the sea.

Recent territorial skirmishes between rival factions of Piskies and Spriggans, searching for coveted “Spotters” sites, have left several clans of Knockers hole-less when the disputed land was ‘mistakenly’ reduced to rubble in a surprise attack using discarded ‘Potter’ wand shards.
Both factions are denying responsibility, with each stating, “It were unt us’n did it. It were them others….you can’t trust ‘em y’know!”

The clans of Knockers left hole-less were lucky that they’d chosen that day to visit Culdrose and Flambards and had left only one of their number behind to keep an eye on a band of fanatical and hysterical geologists, known to be roaming the area and attempting to film the unwary.

Amazingly, a record of the incident appeared soon afterwards on Youtube filmed by these alleged geologists and the lone Knocker can clearly be heard screaming as unfortunate articles were exposed to the elements (and camera). Luckily the sound was attributed to a nearby excitable female who, glad of the publicity, readily accepted responsibility.

Peacekeepers from Castle Treen are said to be heading along the coast to begin negotiations and in the meantime, the displaced Knockers are being housed by the Gnome Office.

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